Shari Doran
Dewsbury - West Yorkshire - UK

Bio: Hello and welcome to my Blog. I am currently in my third year at Batley School Of Art studying a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Photographic Art. I have always had a very keen interest in Photography for many years, completing my City In Guilds back in 1998 in Photography on good old fashioned Film. As we are now well and truly into the DIGITAL age, Photography as taken on a whole different meaning and angle. The spectrum on how we can use digital manipulation for our images is vast. However! the way we shoot our images initially still has the same principles as when we were shooting on film. Over the period of my 3yrs degree I will be posting a whole genre of Blogs from software, photographers, hints, tips & exhibitions to asking my own questions about photography? Hope you enjoy my Blog and please feel free to comment or contact me as all feedback is appreciated. Kind Regards Shari Doran

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2 responses to “About

  1. Hi Stephen

    The course is AMAZING and Im in my element. There is so much to learn now photography is mostly digital. One needs a degree to use Photoshop to its full potential! I am also enjoying the darkroom module just as much (back to basics). And YES through experience I need to make sure I keep on top of my sketchbook/annotation as the brain tends to forget what my coded scribbled notes taken in tutorials actually translate to, makes sense at the time but a few days later trying to decode them is a nightmare! 🙂

    Thank you for your kind words and i hope you enjoy following my Blog, Please feel free to comment or contribute any time as all feedback is greatly appreciated.


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