How to add Metadata in Light Room 3.6

All of our images have a general genre of metadata on them such as exposure, time and date, file name. We can also add our own metadata such as copyright information and add keywords to categorise the image. We would do this before we imported the images to develop.

Once you have selected you images to import, you then click into the ”Apply During Import” tab on the right hand side panel. You would the click into ”Develop Settings” and click in ”New” This will open another window on your screen called ”New Metadata Present”. In this panel you can add you name and copyright you image by adding your information inti the box called IPTC Copyright. Once you have done this you click ”Create” in the bottom right corner.


Once you have done this you can then add more metadata in the form of keywords. To do this you go into the same panel ”Apply During Import” and go to the box labelled Keyword. For instance I have added the artists name whom I based my images on, Pieter Claesz  and still life, this gives my images a unique name embedded in the metadata. Adding this information being importing your images enables you to copyright your image as well as add more data to enable an easier search of your image should you have vast amount of image files.


Once you have added your copyright and Keywords you are then ready to import your images to develop.


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