Preparation And Final Proposal For Book Cover!

After lots of research, more research and debate about what will work and what won’t and swapping and changing my mind (a woman’s prerogative)  about how i would like my book cover to look.

It is time for me to get down to the nitty gritty.

The studio is booked for friday 11th april along with a model and makeup artist, all props sourced and purchased.

The final look for my Fairytale book as been inspired by the two following images.

Hope to create a stunning boo cover combining the two looks with my own Twist.

Snow Queen

book 2

Fingers crossed to a successful shoot!


2 responses to “Preparation And Final Proposal For Book Cover!

  1. Hey, good luck with the shoot! I’m excited for you

    You’ve chosen some effective images as your inspiration.

    IF you get a chance, I would recommend you do some assisting with other students before your session. You may be doing this anyway, but the more experience you have for when you come to do it for real….
    (Of course, if you have the opportunity for some ‘spontaneous’ time in the studio, you might try working with a stooge as a model, simply to get an idea of the settings on your flash/strobes (whatever you call them).


  2. Hi Stephen

    Thank you for your support, I am really excited about the shoot and have prepared as much as possible, hoping all goes well on the day.

    And yes I totally agree with a trial run, hoping to snatch a few hours in the studio beforehand so I am not second guessing on the day where the lighting needs to be set up and also have a head start on my exposure’s etc..



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