Lighting research for Book Cover shoot

Its only 5 days to my shoot and I have been researching  lighting set ups so I achieve the correct look I desire.

The most important thing on the day of the shoot is to get the lighting correct and be wasting time having to reposition the lighting constantly.

Having studied the image that inspires me and the my desired look of the image, the one thing that strikes me is how symmetrical the image is, even lighting across the face.

The image also shows the models features in cheek bones, eyes and nose.

After looking at many studio set ups I feel the correct lighting to use would be Paramount (butterfly) Lighting.

The key light is placed high with the fill light directly under it. Keeping the light close to the subject.

I will need to be careful not to place the models eyes in shadow.

The fill light is placed at roughly head height and can be accompanied or replaced by a reflector under the face to lighten the shadows under the chin and lower cheek.

Several set-ups posted below, I know have a good idea of how I need to set my lighting up and I will hopefully do a trial run of this set up before the shoot.



Snow Queen


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