Photoshoot – Book Cover – Preview

Well I had my Photo shoot yesterday and did not get off to a very good start.

The morning of the shoot my model called me up sick! Panic!

I quickly arranged a stand and all was good.



 However when I started my shoot there was something just not right?

The look I had in mind for the model was a mature look as a witch,

my new model was younger and the look just didn’t feel right

IMG_9872 copy

 IMG_9888 copy copy


I had bought with me a whole bag of tricks and props and decided to go with a different look for the model.

The model was far to young and pretty to pose as a witch.

IMG_9916 copy copy

IMG_9910 copy


As you can see the model is more suited to the second look.

These are some of my final images that I will use for my book cover.

I still need to final edit these images …. Just a sneak preview


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