Hong Kong – Series 3 – Feburary 2014

These are just genre images I shot whilst on my visit.

Hope you ENJOY!

The Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees are a popular shrine in Hong Kong located near the Tin Hau Temple in Fong Ma Po Village

Lam Tsuen. The temple was built around 1768 0r 1771, during the reign of the Qianlong Emperor in the Qing dynasty.

Until a short time ago Tao Po was the springboard for this large tree, laden with coloured streamers of paper tied to oranges, in the village of Fong Ma Po to the west.

The idea was to write your wish on a piece of paper, tie it to citrus fruit and then throw it as high as you could into the tree.

If the fruit lodged in the branches, you were in luck – and the higher it went, the more chance there was of your wish coming true.

But in 2005 a large branch of the tree came crashing to the ground dashing most people’s wishes once and for all.

Now the tree is being left alone to recover and in the name of conservation, wish maker can only tie their wishing papers to Chinese-style wooden racks, or throw plastic fruits onto a plastic tree!







This is an image I shot on 35mm B/W  (film) camera, unfortunately the film jammed when I tried to release it,

and I only managed to salvage 3/4 negs and they were damaged and scratched.

Here is a few images I shot and processed!





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