What Is Metadata?

I have often heard the word Metadata and never really understood the meaning or its function. Having now investigated what Metadata actually is. I can tell you it’s basically data added to data. For example an image may include metadata that describes how large the image is, the image resolution and when the image was created. The metadata I have just described is generally automatically generated when taking an Image. But you can also add you own metadata in software packages such as Light Room and Photoshop. You might want to define your image adding more metadata manually by adding keywords such as Wedding, Family or Holiday. The metadata is always added before the images are imported into your chosen software.


What Is Contemporary Photography?

Does contemporary photography translate as current photographer?, but the word ”contemporary” can relate back to 1960’s when Modern Art and Pop Art culture hit the scenes and artists began to express themselves more openly and visually . Being a contemporary photographer does not necessary mean you just shoot your images digitally and digitally manipulate them. Being a contemporary photographer is simply defined as being creative in use of line, form and colour and this method is practised across the board in both Black & White and Colour film images.  People can get carried away with the word ”contemporary” and often define the word as ”current’! David Bailey was contemporary in the 1960’s Is he still contemporary now?,  basically its creating Images with depth, imagination and meaning regardless of the technique you choose to shoot your image.