Editing Images – Book Cover

The first image I am going to use is the one below and this will be my front cover image.

I don’t think the image needs much editing apart from the fact the modules nails are a little tatty.

I am going to edit the nails in photoshop.




The image above is just the JPEG file so I going to open the RAW file and edit that one.

Always zoom your image in to 100% before you start to edit it.

I have then selected the magic wand tool and carefully selected the models finger nails that need to be edited.


As you can see all the nails have the ”marching ants” highlighted.

I now need to create another layer.

< Layer

< New

< Layer

An option box will open so you can name your layer, I am just leaving it as Layer1

You now have 2 Layers, your background layer and your new Layer – Layer 1

I am going to just highlight the new Layer by clicking the eye icon on the background layer, this is no longer visible while I edit the finger nails.



It is difficult to see but here is what your highlighted finger nails layer should look like.

I am now going to colour the finger nail, I am going for a soft red colour.

< Edit

< Fill

Text Box Open

< Colour

Choose your colour

Once you have chosen your colour

< Ok

Your layer should then look like this.


Note this image is zoomed in.

I now need to refine the edges.

< Select

< Refine Edge

A options box will then open with the option to define you edge smooth/feather etc..

Now I have edited the finger finger nails I make both layers visible  and flatten the image.

< Layer

< Flatten image

Here is my new image with almost perfect finger nails.



The second Image I am going to use is for the spine of the book and will just be a thumbnail size.

All I have done with this image is to adjust the exposure and shadows.

IMG_9910 copy

And my third image will be used on the back cover of the book.


I wanted to try make the mirror look like it was cracked and broken.

The best affect I was able to manage was a tool ”stained glass’ It dose not really work but thought I would share it on here.